Lottas Dung Balls

This is a very easy little recipe even for the younger ones to follow. No oven is required and the cookies taste just delicious. I hope you will like them too.

100 g butter/margarine
100 cc sugar
300 cc oats
2 tablespoons dung (excrements)
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
2 tablespoons liquid, (preferrably cooked, cold coffee, but water will do just fine.)
Approx 100 cc grated coconut Mix all the ingredients well (it's a bit easier if you first leave the butter out in room temperature for a while). Pour the coconut into a rounded bowl. Make little round balls (approx. 2 cm diameter) and roll them in the coconut. Put them on a plate. Sometimes if your lucky the dun cause the balls to grow double their size. Leave them in the fridge for about one hour, then take them out and nibble on your balls 'til your heart's content - I do!

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