Poo Poems

I saw the dog there
around around the dog went
then the dog pooed

by Olof Thomlinson

You have to know the old 'Scooby-doo' theme tune for it to work properly

'Scooby dooby doo, did a poo
He did it in Shaggy's slipper
When shaggy put it on -
What a pong!
It made him shake and shiver!'

Submitted by A.R.Oates

Poo is a wonderful thing.
Smushy, squishy, and all around fun.
You can eat it, and you can also squeeze it through your hands!

submitted by Nigel Tobey

poo is poo
and poo goes down the loo
it goes down the uu-bend
and out the other end.
into the sea it goes ,
and stepped on by peoples toes .


The Best of Poo!
bird turd,
horse sh__,
cat litter,
bull crap,
cow pie,
buffalo chip,
and doggie dodo.

Scott and -D-

my dog likes to poo,
he's good at it too.
it smells and oozes,
but oh does it cruz.

by Alvin

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